FIRST MET YOU (© John MacLean 2004)
Oh so many years on the run
Chances lost one by one
Chased by the past, future too
Until that evening I first met you

Childhood full of sunny days to keep
But also shadows that still cut deep
I learned to trust, but not too far
I just thought that was the way things are

As a young man I tried to build
Sturdy bonds but instead dreams I killed
The part of me I would not share
Proved much more than love could bear

So to this northland I moved away
To live out quiet and reflective days
Held scant hope of love anew
Until that evening I first met you

And though I write this song in room alone
You and our daughters fill this sturdy home
The day you opened up your heart to mine
Marks the end of my running time

What did I ever do to so deserve
Your constant love behind that calm reserve?
With love that's broken almost all the chains
And put peace in place of all the pain

I fear at times I am still too reserved
But your touch tells me your heart feels well served
As for my heart, it's been yours it's true
Ever since that night I first met you

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